WHS presents: The Mortuary Collection with Ryan Spindell and Barak Hardley

Tonight we talk with director/writer Ryan Spindell and actor Barak Hardley from The Mortuary Collection streaming now on SHUDDER and available on Blu Ray April 20th. The Mortuary Collection: A creepy old mortician manages a very strange mortuary all alone until a young woman shows interest in working for him. The mortician tells the young apprentice a series of stories about those that have died in the town.

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WHS presents: Imaginarium’s Dungeon of Doom! from Dario Studios

In this episode, we are talking with Jayce and Petra! the peeps behind the AWESOME Imaginarium’s Dungeon of Doom! Follow Knight Beast and Vampetra The Destroyer on their crazy adventures on this new hilarious variety show. Jayce is also an amazing artist. Check him out at Imaginarium_delirium on Instagram. Check out all the other great videos by Carlos over at https://www.dariostudios.com/

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WHS presents: Mike Lyddon with WITCH TALES and FIRST MAN ON MARS

Mike T. Lyddon is an award-winning writer, producer, director and special makeup effects artist known for the films Cut Up (1994), Zombie! vs. Mardi Gras (1999), Horror Anthology Movie Vol. 1 (2013) and Vol. 2 (2014) and First Man on Mars (2016). Short films include The Cordyceps Principle (2013), Thing in the Shed (2013), Footage Found Arabi (2013) and By the Hair of the Head (2014). He also filmed over 100 live indigenous and traditional music videos in South America for HowlingEarth.Com. His latest film is a horror anthology called Witch Tales aka Cuentos de la Bruja (2019) expected to be released worldwide in the spring of 2020. Lyddon is working on a documentary about 1950s pre-code comic books called "Haunted Thrills." Witch Tales: On Halloween night, the enchanting girl next door wants to invite you in for a treat....or a TRICK. Witch Tales is a horror anthology movie featuring three gruesome tales of terror presented by a seductive witch while she concocts a very special brew during Halloween eve. FirstMan in Mars: The countdown to terror has begun. Astronaut Eli Cologne became the first man on Mars, but something went horribly wrong. Infected by an alien organism, he returned to Earth a savage monster with an unquenchable thirst for human flesh.

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Wicked Horror Reviews: sell me on the Herschell Gordon Lewis box set

Only one film-maker can claim the title "Godfather of Gore." That peculiar but apt identification seems to be the exclusive property of Herschell Gordon Lewis. With an unusual background that included teaching English Literature to college students, producing and directing television commercials, and voicing radio and television commercials, Herschell literally - and single-handedly - established the "Splatter Film" category of motion pictures. He accomplished this by writing and directing (including the musical score) a mini-budget movie titled "Blood Feast," shot in Miami in 1963 and released theatrically the following year. As critics lambasted the primitive effects and inattention to script and sub-par acting, audiences flocked to theaters to see why friends who had reacted to the movie's fiery marketing campaign had said, "You gotta see this." Armed with boxoffice grosses, Herschell and his producer-partner David Friedman quickly decided to build onto their newly-discovered base. Herschell wrote and directed "Two Thousand Maniacs." The lead singer of the musical group hired to perform background music had a tenor voice. Herschell had written the title song, "The South Gonna Rise Ag'in." He wanted a baritone, and without hesitation he made the switch: the voice on the sound track is his. After their third splatter film, "Color Me Blood Red," David Friedman moved to California, engaging in a different type of motio0n picture. Herschell continued to grind out one success after another, with titles such as "The Gruesome Twosome," "The Wizard of Gore," and "The Gore-Gore Girls." When major film companies began to invade his splatter-turf, Herschell took a hiatus, shifting full time to his "other career," writing advertising and mailings for marketers worldwide. He became one of a handful of experts to be inducted into the Direct Marketing Association's Hall of Fame. (Author of 32 books on marketing including the classic "On the Art of Writing Copy," Herschell is often called on to lecture on copywriting, just as he is invited to sing the theme from "Two Thousand Maniacs" at horror film festivals.) Over the years, an unusual reality came into place: Herschell's old films continued to play not just on TV screens but in theatres, years after conventional movies would have disappeared altogether. The result has been renewal of his life as a film director. Thus it is that a new Herschell Gordon Lewis movie is hoving into view: "Herschell Gordon Lewis's BloodMania," produced by James Saito in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and planned for 2015 release. Both the producer and the director encapsulate their opinion of "Herschell Gordon Lewis's BloodMania" in a single word: Enthusiastic.

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Wicked Horror Show: Sadie Katz - Actress, Producer, Director, Writer, and Podcaster

Sadie Katz is an award-winning actress, WGA writer, director and producer living in Los Angeles. Katz got her start co-starring in the dark romantic comedy Nipples and Palm Trees. The outrageous comedy stayed in the Amazon's top one hundred rentals for a year. Sadie went on to star in several films. The most notable, Sally Hillicker in the popular horror franchise 20th Century Fox's Wrong Turn 6. For which she received rave reviews from respected genre sites including Fangoria and Dread Central. Getting Scream Queen status she has gone on to get top billing in a dozen horror/thriller titles. More than a Scream Queen she's co-starred opposite Academy Award nominee June Squibb and Firefly's Sean Mayer. As well as working with such notable actors as Ed Asner, Steven Bauer, Danny Trejo, Richard Grieco, Tara Reid, Richard Reihl, Michael Pare, Sophie Monk, Patrick Kilpatrick, Randy Wayne and Eric Roberts. Katz also tried her hand at documentary storytelling with The Bill Murray Experience winning several awards in festivals and receiving worldwide distribution with Gravitas Ventures. Katz has an award named in her honor "Sadie Katz Hustle Award" given out to filmmakers annually at AMDOC'S Palm Springs who go above and beyond promoting their films. She also penned the screenplay "Scorned" starring Anna Lynn McCord and Billy Zane released by Anchor Bay, as well as Lionsgate thriller Clown Fear. She's received top billing in several Lionsgate released films including the latest Amityville Harvest. Recently she received Hollywood Horrorfest's Best Supporting Actress Award for the Sony released Automation. Look for her this year in festival artsy thrillers Megan, State of Desolation and Rip Tide as well as several family comedies including A Fargo Christmas and Fizzie.

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Wicked Horror Review: Last Ones Out streaming now on SHUDDER

A skeptical American man is stranded in the middle of a zombie-infected Africa and must trust the help of three mysterious strangers in order to make it out alive.

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Wacked Horror Show: Z Dead End with director Robert Resto, Vincent M. Ward (the walking dead), FX artist Joe Castro, and composer Anthony Espina

July 4th 2015 the world was invaded by zombies. Humanity was put to the test in a small town in Colorado, where it all began.

Robert Resto is a producer and actor, known for The Brain Hunter (2013), Z Dead End and Brain Hunter: New Breed (2022).

Vincent M. Ward is known for his work on The Walking Dead (2010), Death House (2017) and True Blood (2008).

Joe Castro Director, Producer, and Special Effects Artist, Joe Castro, born in San Antonio, Texas, began his career at age 15 when he was hired to create special effects make-up for a PBS affiliate and graduated to writing and directing his own feature films, in the 80's, when his parents invested in his career and bought him a portable VHS camera

Anthony has written the music scores to over 30 films. Working on many projects not just for film but also for t.v., radio and theater. At a very early age after having been diagnosed with cancer, Anthony found himself awaken by a universal language understood to those who would accept its call - Music Creation, and it spoke to him in ways of instruction.

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Wicked Horror Reviews: sell me on SLAXX streaming now on SHUDDER

When a possessed pair of jeans begins to kill the staff of a trendy clothing store, it is up to Libby, an idealistic young salesclerk, to stop its bloody rampage.

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